What is Biotech-based Skincare?

Bio-tech based skincare harnesses the science of ingredients and dermatology to create top shelf, medical grade skincare formulas.

Biotechnology results in better quality control, higher reliability and lower negative impact ingredients. Working with some of the biggest names in the biotech and cosmetic industry we’re able to formulate for the reactive skin type.

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The Best of Biotechnology

Through biotechnology we can support the ultra-sensitive, reactive skin type that needs certain compounds, extracts or molecules that are powerful yet non-aggressive.

We need to measure, test, and reformulate in the lab and combine the best of biology, chemistry, and technology to create these formulas.

Many natural compounds in their rare form are aggressive to the ultra-sensitive skin type. Many compounds also have extra elements that are unnecessary for the skin, through biotechnology we can isolate the most important compounds.

Is Biotech-based Skincare Sustainable?

Formulating through this process makes it possible to develop and produce plant-based versions of otherwise animal-derived ingredients, for example squalene.

Lab-produced formulations reduce the environmental stress on farmland, water, energy and can result in lower carbon footprints. Biotech-based formulas can be designed free of unwanted irritants and pesticides used in naturally grown ingredients.


cosm research skincare