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Our passion is to research, curate, and design formulas to help every single person with sensitive and reactive skin, skin like ours! We hold ourselves to this principle because we have highly reactive skin and know, through years of experimenting with different products and ingredients, what will cause the redness, itchiness, pain, stinging, tight, and just uncomfortable skin!


Certifications Earned: Leaping Bunny International Cruelty Free Seal of Approval

Certification Goals: National Eczema Seal of Acceptance



We truly identify as designers that focus on reactive skin. We have diverse backgrounds in science and analysis; however, our research is centered in self-experience. We use our years of experience and collected knowledge to unearth each ingredient and how it’s used, its benefits, where it comes from, its limitations, the hazards, and we analyze this information before we build and test the products on ourselves.

Our process for testing involves using the products for 60 days on our reactive skin without any other products to interact with them. For us, this is the best, and most honest, way to know if a reaction will occur on our sensitive and reactive skin types. We couldn’t see a better or more dedicated approach to design than self-testing.



1. Reactive Skin 

  • Every formula is designed for skin that reacts to personal and environmental stressors. We have allergies to some of the most popular trending ingredients so we go above and beyond trends to support reactive + allergic skin types.
  • Sensitive and reactive skin is dynamic and can change with both internal and external forces, this is why we research, develop, design and test our products for at least 60 days on our hyper-reactive skin. This is our commitment to you!


2. Minimal – No fragrance, No fillers, No fakes 

  • Reactive skin responds to different ingredients in different individuals. For one it may botanicals, and for others it may be fragrance or a preservative. The time to analyze, locate, and determine which ingredients in which products cause a reaction can be drastically reduced with a simple method approach. We’ve done the research and designed accordingly.
  • We also know that our products will likely be used with other products in your routine, we’d like to be one less interaction you must balance. This is our commitment to you!


3. Sustainability – Innovation – Design 

  • Our approach to sustainability focuses on minimizing resource use throughout our entire supply chain. We know too well what we create today has an impact on tomorrow.
  • In this modern, technically advanced world, it’s easy to get lost in the casual carbon-emitting habits which we never think twice about. How can we do better? 
    • conscious processes
    • recyclable materials
    • minimizing water usage techniques
  • Innovation is inspiration. There is nothing more exciting to us than being able to design from the bottom up. To think, create and build things that call for change in the skincare industry. If we can do it, we think everyone can be inspired.
  • “Good design goes to heaven; bad design goes everywhere.” - Mieke Gerritzen. We truly believe in this. All of our formulas are 
    • Effective, Efficient, and Honest
    • Useful, Tested, and Long lasting
    • The simplest possible working solutions needed


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