We Are Clean Skincare; We Define Our Clean


The term clean skincare, to us, means 1 thing: healthy skin. We don’t debate synthetics vs. natural, we don’t debate organic vs. lab created. We’re only concerned with skin health.  

The reason we stick to skin health is because

  1. Not everything natural is healthy:
    • Think… high fructose corn syrup
    • Or even… Formaldehyde is actually a naturally occurring compound
  2. Not everything synthetic is unhealthy:
    • Your favorite hyaluronic acid can be synthesized in a lab
    • Botanical allergies lead some skin types to benefit from synthetic formulas

We’d like to think it’s that easy, and the truth is: It’s not.

Instead of debating, we turn to research, design and health. Every formula answers these questions:

  1. Does this formula increase skin health?
  2. Does this formula use the minimum required ingredients?
  3. Are we satisfied with naming this formula clean?

What research is important to us?

  • A strong lipid layer
  • Keeping your own natural moisturizing factors (NMF)
  • Less irritation and inflammation

A compromised lipid layer has been shown to be the culprit for issues such as dry, dehydrated skin to even acne. Some of us have had this since we were born, and some might have seen this flare up later in life. A compromised lipid layer can come from many things, we’re here to help you improve your lipid layer, keep your NMF, and ultimately calm your skin.

Our multi point approach

We target those 3 research points by designing formulas based on clay, and more specifically powdered clay. Clay benefits are far reaching, and we highlight the ability to cleanse without surfactants, physically exfoliate without skin tearing, and masking without unnecessary fillers.

Our signature blend begins with a kaolin, one of the gentlest clays, + coconut milk powder. We then buildup each formula for a targeted regimen step: cleanse, exfoliate, or soothe.


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