This is truly a versatile blend!

We love to promote multi-functional products, and this is definitely one of them? Curated for the nails and cuticles of us with sensitive and reactive skin, this blend strengthens nails and softens the roughest cuticles. 

Our Routine:


Apply a drop or two of the oil to the nail and rub into the cuticles of your fingers and toes. Let the oil go to work while you let it dry.


Spot treat build-up from excessive oil or drying shampoo by applying a drop of oil to problem spot with a cotton swab and gently rub it in.



Spot treat body blemishes and points of inflammation that would benefit from the soothing anti-bacterial properties by applying a small amount of the oil on a cotton swab and run it in. 

Customize It

We created this oil blend with specific ingredients that have many beneficial properties. Creating multi-functional products allows you to reduce spending and the need for an entire cabinet of half-used products. Our products can be tailored to your skin, used as boosters, and to complement your favorite medium. This blend is intended to enhance your current routine and reduce the need for multiple additional products. 

We love the way we’ve seen it used in everyone’s routine! Share your favorite use for this oil with us on Instagram @cosmresearch