Our gentle, skin refreshing exfoliator!

There are several ways to add this exfoliating mixture to your skincare routine. The gentle exfoliating properties of the jojoba bead spheres combined with the soothing, cleansing properties of the kaolin can prepare your face for a new day, or compliment your nightly cleansing routine. 


Our Routine:

Cleanser Application:
Mix about a half teaspoon of powder with your choice of base. If you have a favorite cream cleanser, add a half teaspoon of the Jojoba Exfoliate powder as a booster. Gently rub on skin in circular motions to exfoliate and then rinse.

Customize It

We choose our ingredients carefully with intention, which is why we created this dry mixture and used the micro-beads. Creating multi-functional products allows you to reduce spending and the need for tray of half-used products. Our products can be tailored to your skin, used as boosters, and meant to complement your favorite medium. This mixture is intended to enhance your current routine!



We love the way we’ve seen it used in everyone’s routine! Share your favorite recipe and methods for using the Jojoba Exfoliate with us on Instagram @cosmresearch