Why the F*** Did I Ever Use Soap on my Face?!


I really want to discuss soap! I’d been using it as a utility product for face, body, and sometimes hair for most of my life! That was until Elle was diagnosed with skin cancer. Following that, I began to truly learn about what we do to our skin and put on our skin. I began to research everything about skin health. I read books, watched YouTube videos, talked to professionals, and even asked friends how they washed their faces.

One book that resonated with me was Beyond Soap by Dr. Sandy Skotnicki. We have no affiliation with her or anything, it was an eye-opening read. It really spoke to me, and lead me to go without using soap, starting with my face.

I've always had dry skin. My face would always feel a little tight and itchy after the shower, but I just thought that was normal. I always felt like I had to stretch my face skin throughout the day. You know that fake yawn motion, or what looked like the human equivalent of a snake unhinging its jaw before devouring a much-too-large prey.

After a week of no soap, using only water on my face, the difference was unexpected. My face wasn't tight after I dried off, it never felt hot or itchy, and there were no dry patches next to my nose. Family and friends close to me noticed a brighter and fuller complexion, and I noticed it as well, it felt great!

As an active person who sweats a lot, I did notice more build up on my face when using only water. I had to use something and also needed to wash my beard. I didn’t want to use my beard shampoo, so I decided to use the activated charcoal mask. I mixed the mask and applied it to my face before the shower. I made sure I saved a little extra mask to apply to my beard after getting in the shower. I scrubbed my face and beard with the activated charcoal mask just as would with soap. After a week of experimenting every night in the shower, my face was smooth, almost polished, and my beard was clean and soft. 

Following the experience, I'll say with certainty that I'll never go back to washing my face with soap again! Just water, powdered clay cleansers, and our masks. I make sure I have at least a vial with me when I travel, and in my duffel bad I take to races and workouts.

Side note to the men reading: Don’t assume masking and taking care of your skin is only for women. No matter how tough you think you are, you can’t beat the sun. Talk to some of your friends and ask them how they take care of their faces. What I’ve learned was that a lot of men today are using masks, facial cleansers, and other products. And if you have a beard as I do, there are even more products added on the face. Why not use a singular product to clean both beard and face? It makes your life easier, you look good, and your face feels good.