Skin Boosters + Minimal Ingredients


My minimalism overflows into my skincare products... 

I have synergy with dual-use products and multi-functional skin products. The issue here: I have red, reactive skin that can flare due to environment, season, stress and even what I eat +/- touch. This is the balancing act of my life. So I create products I can depend on and use for multiple things.

There are many skincare products on the market that can do more than one thing, this is not an entirely new concept:

  • Shampoo + conditioner
  • Conditioner + shave balm
  • Skin salve + makeup highlighter
  • Lipstick + blush
  • Makeup remover + lip balm

And while these moonlighters may speak volumes to my minimalism, I have yet to truly find a multi-functional, minimal ingredient(s) product that I can use to care for all my skin woes. So I thought objectively, maybe I am asking too much, maybe I just need to create it!

So that’s what I did!

I co-founded a company to research this very specific subset of dermatology. And we’ve discovered, if this can be done, if we can serve this small niche, those outside the niche can benefit as well.

When you approach product creation for a very specific set of people, those with red, reactive skin with a desire for flexible and minimal ingredients, you’re actually changing the game for all products. If I can benefit, someone with normal or oily skin can too. If we get this just right and we really, really try, we just may be able to get this to every person who needs it.

I truly believe brands/producers today have chosen to be the ones who locate, source, and deliver the useful things that consumers can’t easily/cheaply do. So, this was a big reason we decided to start COSM Research.


How this effects the brand...

Minimal Ingredients

For a few years now, we’ve all been aware of fillers and unnecessary ingredients in our daily products. The trend towards clean is something we fully agree with.

What we’ve seen also transpire is the switch from synthetic fillers to organic fillers. While organic can be (not always) better than synthetic, we believe less can be better than more. So a product that is organic can still have 25+ ingredients, and we just don’t believe that is necessary either.

*If you can find the (few) specific ingredients that have the multi-properties, they can compose your multi-purpose product.*


Why are there products with 25+ ingredients anyway?

minimal ingredients cosm research

Well, it could be all their advantageous properties, it could be a pre-made formulation, or it could even be formulation protection. (the less ingredients you have, the easier to copy the formulation than if you have 25+ ingredients with different concentrations).

Stat: According to EWG survey of 2300 people, on average, respondents use nine products daily. These contain 126 unique ingredients. That’s not even repeat ingredients, I'm getting overwhelmed already. 😳

So that's what we strive for: no fillers, synthetic or organic, minimal ingredients with the most power

What we create is our Skin booster(s).

Skin Boosters + Rescue + Repair

The skin booster(s) is a small, concentrated, low ingredient product that is designed for red, reactive skin, and diverse enough to be used by everyone. 

It was birthed from minimalism and designed to advocate for the consumer. 

So where did we start? We started from wound healing, since I have always treated my red, reactive skin through a wound lens, that’s where we started with our research and creation.

Our products did not start from anti-aging or beauty, this started from just getting skin to not flare or to relieve a flare, if it occurred. So wound healing and inflammation was the base, this is where the research into ingredients began and continues.👩‍🔬

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