Is There a Preventative Skin Care Approach for Young Adults? Pt. 1

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Reactive skin can have 2 main triggers:

  1. the environment in which it’s exposed, and 
  2. the ingredients in skincare and cosmetics

What concerns us most is the prolonged use of common products with these ingredient triggers and the resultant contact allergies.  

We believe by eliminating products with these ingredients from our daily life, we can avoid the reactions that accompany them. We know, first hand, the lifelong awareness and quest to stay comfortable in our own skin. But, what if that wasn't the case? What if we had the knowledge we have now when were teens?

Sensitive skin is considered genetic, but reactive skin just might be preventable. The key just may be in the younger generation. At least regarding what products and ingredients they begin applying to their skin and face as young adults.

By introducing clean ingredients and educating teens and young adults on the possibilities of reactive skin, we may be able to save someone from a life of uncomfortable reactions or extensive research into products. If we can help them become aware and inform them, we'll be providing them with the tools and information needed to make their own decision.  

By teaching them and guiding them in the direction of ingredient knowledge, they'll have the ability to be proactive in the prevention of reactive skin!


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