Inspired: Nordic Skincare Routines


Maybe it’s my appreciation for Iceland, or the fact that Scandinavians know all too well about red, reactive skin, but Nordic Skincare routines are inspiring!

Scandinavian + Nordic countries include Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway and even Greenland and the Faroe Islands.

If you take a look at Nordic brands like Blue Lagoon, Skyn, Eleni & Chris, and Lumene, to name a few, the ingredient lists are high quality, performance based, and multipurpose. If you’ve been reading along for a while, you know these align with COSM Pillars as well!

The Why behind the Inspiration

A big inspiration for us is their use of natural resources, this is attributed to their culture and core values. Just taking a look at some of the brands above you can see Nordic + Scandi natural resources in many if not all formulations.

  • Blue Lagoon
    • Geothermal seawater
    • Algae
    • Silica
  • Skyn
    • Icelandic Glacial Water
    • Arctic Superfruits
  • Eleni & Chris
    • Arctic Cloudberry
    • Scandinavian Glacier Water
    • Volcanic Minerals
  • Lumene
    • Nordic algae
    • Nordic Chaga Mushroom
    • Arctic Spring Water

Nordic + Scandi also know how to address cold and dry winter skin, probably better than any brand located in a sunny or humid climate. I find this helpful for us with dry or even dehydrated skin. A great starting place for you if you have this skin type.  

Photo by Torbjorn Sandbakk on Unsplash

Inspired, but specialized!

So, the Nordic and Scandinavian skin care approach truly inspires us, yet we want to be more specialized by reducing the use of botanicals, fragrances and preservatives. Our mission is to not only be pure and earth based as our friends above but also to satisfy the important reactive and allergy skin types. Reactive Skin or Sensitive Skin?

Botanicals, fragrances and preservatives can be triggers for many skin types, not just dry or dehydrated, so we dedicate to the same purity and minimalism but further support the no botanicals, no fragrance and no preservatives requests of our allergy and reactive prone skin types. We know because we too have reactive, sensitive, allergic and flared skin!







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