Founder's Story: Elle

My story begins with skin cancer, a trip to Iceland, + a forever-changed perspective…

2016/2017: The year that transformed my life

If you asked me at 28 if I would have a skin cancer, followed by MOHS Surgery, and a now perpetual fear of the sun, I would’ve said maybe… but not under 30 years old. Surprisingly this actually does happen, and it happened to me. 

I’ve had red, reactive skin my entire life. My skin has been quite a main focus, and to say I’m diligent and careful is to say the least. But this was entirely different, this was a feeling that my body had betrayed me. So, after about a year of skin stress I needed perspective, I needed to be around something that was bigger than everything else so far.


We jumped on a red eye from NYC to Reykjavik, and the first stop, without a wink of sleep, was the Blue Lagoon, and I knew it.

You ever get that feeling that you haven’t truly taken a breath in a while?

Iceland was a cool, clear breath that I hadn’t taken in far too long.

Research had brought me here to find the Blue Lagoon and its properties and minerals that can only be found in a few select places around the world. But the experience was transformative. I immersed myself into the dense blue water and into the signature silica mask. I was determined to conduct a 1-year self-trial to truly see if this was something that could nourish and soothe my skin.


The silica mask quickly replaced my typical Mint Julep mask and my exfoliator. I used it in as many ways possible, trying to reap all the rewards. And also, to see how frequent it could be used. All in all, the silica mask was inspiring, yet still had extra ingredients to make it a ready-made paste that I wasn't completely satisfied with. At this stage in my life I want the purest, cleanest, + most minimal formulations as possible.


My Iceland experience transformed, not only my skin, but my outlook on the types of products available to us back in the US.

I was inspired for a reason + I knew I had been charged to design from here. I was determined to capture the results right here at home. So, I isolated the truly defining component that soothed my skin... the white clay. And with deeper research and development I set out to make clay-based solutions and to share this knowledge with as many people as I can.

By creating an alternative, clay-based set of cleansers, exfoliators, and masks you too can benefit from all the research and experiences.

You too deserve great products that do better right here at home.

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