Clay?! So Many Skin Benefits!


Here at COSM, we already have a love affair with clay. The numerous benefits for many different skin types is nothing short of amazing. We can’t think of a more universal element in skincare routines than clay. 

Clay, You’re So Versatile!!

Clay benefits dry, dehydrated skin ,all the way to acne prone skin + flares. Different clays work their magic on different concerns, and everyone can find a clay-based formula for them. The most popular clays include:

  • Kaolin Clay: the gentlest clay with light absorption, perfect for sensitive + dry skin.
  • Rose clay: a type of kaolin that has naturally occurring iron oxides giving it a pink hue
  • Sea clay: originates from the undersea mud and great for normal to oily skin types
  • French Green clay: sometimes called Montmorillonite clay or Illite clay, the green hue originates from plant matter and iron oxides. This clay is effective for oily skin types.
  • Bentonite clay: created from volcanic ash, high absorption and a choice for very oily skin. A well-known clay for acne and inflamed blemishes.

    We Choose YOU: Kaolin

    Kaolin is nourishing enough for use by all skin types. It provides mild exfoliation and cleansing coupled with a smooth consistency for daily use. Kaolin clay is the best clay for our reactive, allergic skin and gentle enough for the sore, acne, inflamed skin.

    When using kaolin clay, you can expect to

    • Protect your lipid layer
    • Retain your natural moisturizing factor (NMF) that your skin is programmed to deliver
    • Sooth inflammation and reactions

    Kaolin clay is a comfortable, trustworthy clay. It’s not too strong and not too weak. Its effective and gentle at the same time. And when blended with coconut milk powder, creates a silky, fine grain powder customizable for any reactive skin concern. 

    The benefits of all clays are far reaching, yet we love our Kaolin clay the most!

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