5 Tips on Traveling with Skincare


As avid travelers, we’ve experienced several “messy” situations and similar issues when packing up our skincare products to wander the globe. Traveling minimally, and trying to stick with only a carry-on, can be a challenge for us with a skincare routine. Not only are you limited in the size of your containers, but also the quantity in which you can bring along with you. Here are 5 tricks, or tips, we follow when traveling with skincare.

1. Choose powders.

With powders, the contents aren’t typically under pressure, so there’s less opportunity for the packaging to explode in your luggage. Almost everyone has experienced taking their favorite full-sized cream, only to find it leaked all over your clothes in your luggage. Powders also don’t fall under the TSA’s 3-1-1- Liquids Rule, which allows only 3.4oz containers in one clear 1-quart per passenger, so your powders never have to take up that space!  

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2. Buy the small size or travel size of your favorite products if they offer them.

This sounds like a common one, but not many skincare brands offer travel size, especially when it comes to some creams and lotions. And usually when a brand offers price deals on their larger products, we tend to go for it to save some money short term. Although, in a few months when you’re heading out on your next adventure, you may end up spending that money on an empty travel container to fill with your favorite product. So, if your brand offers smaller sizes or trial sizes (under 3.4oz/100mL), consider them as an option now so you don’t have to worry about it when you’re ready to pack.

3. Look for glass containers over plastic.

The smaller the glass container, the more durable they tend to be. In the battle of glass verses plastic, the glass jars and bottles have always seemed to hold up better, especially when your bag is shoved overhead or under your seat. It’s best to use the 2-ounce and below glass jars and bottles, any bigger and there might be a breaking hazard. Smaller glass doesn’t break or crush as easily at its plastic counterpart. 

4. Try using multipurpose products.

    Multipurpose skincare, such as powder formulations for face masks or spot treatment, allow you to bring less products when you head off on your journeys. With the TSA’s 3:1:1 Liquids Rule limiting your quantity in your carryon, the multifunctioning products are a real gamechanger. Another type we are experimenting with is lotion bars, these seem amazingly helpful!

    5. Tailor your mixtures and bases to your destination.

    Skin is dramatic, well mine is at least. I know for sure it can be oilier or drier in some destinations due to climate conditions. This can lead to packing items I can’t even use because of the differing levels of humidity. Which leads to super inconvenient items that will break me out and I have to buy something local to treat a flare.

    It’s always exciting to be in a new destination, and it’s so much easier to take care of the worries of packing/unpacking before you leave. These tips can help you avoid having your products taken at the airport for being oversized or landing in a beautiful location to find your favorite sweater or book is covered in your face cream.

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    Fabulous tips and suggestions to meet our needs as we will travel!! #emptynesters
    TY Joe n Elle

    MommaK September 23, 2019

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